Fake Uber driver jailed for sexually assaulting five women

A man who posed as an Uber driver will spend at least 18 months behind bars after being found guilty of sexually assaulting five women in Brisbane.

Sampath Sandaruwan Sandaranayake is accused of committing the assaults whilst driving the women home from Fortitude Valley in September 2018.

In Queensland’s District Court on Thursday, it took a jury less than three hours to find Sandaranayake guilty of all 18 charges against him.


The charges include nine counts of sexual assault, four counts of deprivation of liberty, two counts of indecent acts and three counts of common assault.

The court heard the Brisbane father-of-two discussed his weight concerns with his victims before allegedly forcing them to touch his skin folds on his stomach and penis.

Some of the women also claimed they had been locked inside Sandaranayake’s vehicle during the assaults.

Samaranayake was today sentenced to three years in jail, however, he will be eligible to apply for parole after serving half the sentence.

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