Rapids Ride Tragedy: Coronial inquest to continue as families lay blame on theme park

The Coronial Inquiry into the deaths of four people at Dreamworld in 2016 will resume in Southport Coroners Court today.

The inquest last week heard that rides at the theme park could breakdown up to 20 times a day, and that the Thunder River Rapids ride had malfunctioned twice on October 25, 2016, before the fatal third incident.

Following the first week of the inquest, families of two of the victims of the Dreamworld tragedy released a statement saying they blame the theme park for the accident that took the lives of their loved ones.


“We are tired and devastated and horrified by the evidence that has come out this week,” relatives of Kate Goodchild and Luke Dorsett said in the statement.

“We hold Dreamworld totally responsible for this tragic event that could have so easily been avoided.”

The inquest heard that a ride operator was sacked following a similar incident in 2014 where a pump failed and two rafts collided on the conveyor belt.

Park engineer Matthew Robertson told the inquest that rides at Dreamworld could sometimes break down 20 times a day, and electricians were stretched on the day of the accident.

Mechanic Kamlesh Prasad, who was responsible for doing pre-start checks on the day of the tragedy also took the stand.

He told the hearing that there were no issues with the ride that morning.

The inquest will resume on Monday.