Family of dying Qld toddler denied chance to spend final moments at home

Queensland’s harsh border rules are back in the spotlight, after the family of a sick toddler were denied the chance to let him spend his final days at home.

The three-year-old passed away in a Melbourne Hospital over the weekend, where he was receiving specialist treatment for a serious auto-immune disease.

His family had requested to return home with him to Brisbane, so he could spend his final days as comfortable as possible.


But despite applying for an exemption, there was no response from Queensland Health.

His parents are currently undergoing hotel quarantine before they can grieve with their family.

They posted the following message on Facebook.

“It is with deepest sorrow and fractured hearts that we tell you of Thomas’s passing this evening.”

“He passed peacefully in the arms of his parents. Despite our best efforts we were unable to get him home to Queensland.

“No response from Qld was received in time. We understood the potential conditions were very distressing and would have separated our family during transport.

“We would then be forced to quarantine in the room he would have passed in as he was unlikely to survive 14 days quarantine.

“We chose to do what our son needed most, which was to be with his parents in a peaceful environment to the end. We were able to do that for him.”

“Sadly, we now have a choice between 14-day hotel quarantine, or wait 14 days south of the border to get back to Queensland, via NSW,” they said.

“We wished we could be surrounded by family during this time but this is the hand we have been dealt,” the Facebook post reads.