Family of Gold Coaster aboard capsized livestock ship beg for search to continue

The family of a Gold Coast vet, who was onboard a live export ship that capsized in the south China sea, has pleaded for authorities to continue their search.

25-year-old Lukas Orda was one of the two Australians on board Gulf Livestock 1 that was transporting almost 6,000 cattle, when it was hit by a typhoon last week.

40 people are still missing – including Lukas and Sydney man William Mainprize.


Lukas is newly married with a six-month-old baby, and until recently had worked for Gold Coast Equine Clinic.

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Search authorities announced they were calling off a large scale search for the vessel this week, but Lukas’ family believes that he could still be alive.

We are devastated to hear that the search for all missing loved ones was halted. We cannot comprehend how the decision was made to stop the search. We are speaking with our hearts in our hands,” Lukas’ father Ulrich said.

“As a wife with a 6-month-old son, as parents, as parents-in-law, and family, we beg you not to stop looking for Lukas and the other people missing at sea. Australia has repeatedly faced overwhelming odds and continues to prevail.

“We implore you not to give up on the chance of there being survivors. We urge Australia and other nations to join forces in order to continue the search after the Japanese government made such a tremendous effort to find our loved ones.

“We extend our plea to all Australians – please help us so that the Government will recommence and extend its search to bring them home,” Ulrich Orda told reporters today. 

The family has started an online petition to the Australian and Japanese governments, which has already reached over 20,000 signatures.

Related article: Young Gold Coast father onboard ship that capsized after typhoon in Japan