Family release heartbreaking photo of couple killed by stolen car

An expectant Queensland couple who were struck and killed by an alleged stolen car while walking their dogs in Alexandra Hills on Tuesday have been identified.

Kate Leadbetter, 31, and her partner Matthew Field, 37, died after being hit by a stolen Landcruiser 4WD, which was allegedly being driven by a 17-year-old male from Logan.

The teenager, who was allegedly out on bail at the time, is accused of running a red light at the intersection of Vienna Road and Finucane Road around 5.30pm, before ploughing into a truck.


The Landcruiser then rolled, before hitting the young couple as they walked across the road. Despite desperate attempts by witnesses and paramedics, Ms Leadbetter and Mr Field could not be saved.

Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd described the incident as an “absolute tragedy”.

“Here’s two people going about their business innocently on Australia Day walking their dogs… They should be entitled to do that,” he said.

“Now to have them ripped away from their family is an absolute tragedy, and I can assure you that it’s impacted very heavily on the first responders and witnesses.”

Police said the 17-year-old boy ran from the scene following the crash and allegedly tried to steal a car from a nearby home, but failed when the resident chased him out.

He was taken into custody by officers a short time later and on Wednesday morning charged with a string of offences, including the couple’s murder.

The grieving family of Ms Leadbetter and Mr Field have since released a photo of the pair, which appears to have been taken at Christmas time.

The image features an ultrasound photo of the couple’s unborn child, their two dogs and a cat.

PHOTO: Facebook

In some good news this morning, it has since been revealed that one of the couple’s dogs, who went missing after the horror crash, has been found.

The community launched a major search for Frankie, who was thankfully found alive in bushland around 11.00am on Wednesday.

It comes as the 17-year-old from Waterford West faced Brisbane Children’s Court today, where he was remanded in custody.

Police have revealed further charges are possible, with detectives considering a third charge relating to the death of the couple’s unborn child.

“At this point we’re awaiting the confirmation of the pregnancy… There is provision under the criminal code for offences relating to the killing of unborn children, and that is certainly something that we will be considering as part of the ongoing investigation,” Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd said.

“Part of the investigation is that we sample and analyse the blood and sometimes urine or breath of people involved in incidents such as this, we have done that on this occasion… Upon the analysis of that being completed we will be presenting that to the courts, and I would wait for confirmation before we would present that to the court,” he added.

The case will return to court next month.

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I still can’t believe it. That photo just destroys me every time I see it. I didn’t know them but they seem as though they would have been the nicest couple. My thoughts are with the family and friends they leave behind. I hope, beyond hope, that the two dogs (Frankie and Django) and the cat (unnamed by media) can stay together and aren’t separated. I’m sure that’s what they would have wanted. Senseless tragedy.