Family thank paramedics for help after toddler got pencil lodged in mouth

Queensland Ambulance have released a frantic triple-0 call made, after a 14-month-old fell with a pencil in his mouth and got it lodged into his top pallet.

The Skrypinski family was celebrating an early Christmas gathering with their extended family at Jacobs Well, when young Thomas – who was 14-months-old at the time, went to investigate what the older kids were up to.

Moments later, screams were heard by his family, and his mother Bri ran in to find her son covered in blood.


Young Thomas was just learning to walk when the horrifying incident occurred. PHOTO | Supplied QAS

It appeared that Thomas had fallen with a pencil in his mouth, lodging it in his top pallet.

It wasn’t clear exactly how far the pencil went in.

Thomas’ mother Bri then made the frantic triple-0 call, which Queensland Ambulance has released today.

More than two and half years later, the Skrypinski Family gathered at the Mudgeeraba Ambulance Station to thank the paramedics that helped them back in November, 2016.

Mrs Skrypinski said that say was every parent’s worst nightmare, and that she was so relieved when she heard the ambulance arrive.

“Usually the sound of sirens worry me. Not this time. It was like hearing the bell of an ice-cream truck as a child.

“The overwhelming joy I felt when I knew help was coming,” Mrs Skrypinski said.

Adrianna Barnes and High Acuity Response Unit Paramedic Clint Peters were the responding paramedics, and say they arrived to shocking scenes.

Ms Barnes says it was extremely difficult to help the boy on arrival, but her priority was to keep his airways clear.

While, Clint Peters, a father himself, says Mrs Skrypinski’s handling of the situation was ‘incredible’.

Young Thomas was in surgery for two hours, and remained in hospital for five days.

The pencil was lodged so far into his head that it fractured his eye socket and only just missed his optic nerve by millimetres.

He will have to wear glasses for the rest of his life.

Young Thomas spent five days in hospital after a two hour long surgery to remove the pencil. PHOTO | Supplied QAS

Young Thomas spent five days in hospital after a two hour long surgery to remove the pencil. PHOTO | Supplied QAS