Famous cat fronts up to Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo

THE Varsity Lakes Pet and Animal Expo attracted big crowds across the weekend, including a famous cat.

Didga the skateboarding Tabby (main picture) has proven to be a major hit on You Tube, attracting over 2 million views in March.  Owner Robert Dollwet was taking it all in his stride yesterday.  He happily made his talented feline sit quietly on her skateboard while curious onlookers posed for selfies.

Didga is a big risk taker, jumping off various obstacles, including railings, and landing smartly back on her board.  She even leaps onto the back of a dog while the skateboard slips underneath and hops off again, landing perfectly.


The Tabby cat did not seem overly bothered by the strange stares from dogs passing by either at the Pet and Animal Expo, which is the largest of its kind in Australia.

p&e pet expo

Stalls featured various Dog Clubs, yummy treats like canine cupcakes and muffins, dog drawings, professional photography and accessories including the latest in doggy apparel.

There were also farmyard animals to see and pat and Shetland pony rides.

dog funny

poodle funny

Several dogs were lucky enough to get a special hair do for their big (the poodle pictured above took about three hours to prep).

A major highlight of the two day event is of course the dog diving, which sees competitors chase one of their favourite toys off the end of a platform and into a pool, giving the crowd a thrill and sometimes even a spray.

The owner of this Border Collie (pictured below) tried to coax her pet off the platform.

dog jump