Farewell to filling out forms

Say goodbye to some of those lengthy application forms, they’ll soon be a thing of the past.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is rolling out paperless applications in their customer service centres.

The registration and licencing transaction processes will see the first paperless applications, making them easier and faster for customers.


TMR Minister Mark Bailey said the new processes will make it a breeze for customers.

“Anyone with an existing smartcard, including Queensland drivers licence, marine licence and Adult Proof of Age card, will be able to complete several transactions without filling out a paper form.

“You will simply be asked to answer some questions, which help us identify you and access your correct information,” he said.

Under the new process, customers are still required to bring all the necessary supporting documents to conduct their business, including identity evidence and any other materials they made need to complete a service.

This is just the start of paperless applications, if the initial instalment goes smoothly, we’ll see less and less paper around TMR.

“We plan to get rid of forms for other common transactions, including licensing services for new customers who don’t have an existing smartcard, as well as registration services,” he said.

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