Father, two sons to be deported back to Chile after Gold Coast bag snatch

A CHILEAN father and his two sons will be deported back to Chile after being found guilty of a brutal bag snatch on the Gold Coast.

It was in March last year when the victim, a 63-year-old woman from Victoria, was targeted as she stood next to her vehicle on Eastlake Street at Carrara.

Police said the woman was approached by a man who told her that she had a flat tyre. It’s understood the man then grabbed the woman’s handbag as she bent down to inspect the wheel.


The man tried to run off but the woman refused to let go. She was dragged up to 20 metres along the road before the man was able to yank the bag from her arms.

He then allegedly jumped into a getaway car, being driven by another man, and fled the scene with the bag containing $7000 in cash, leaving the woman battered and bruised in the middle of the road.

It is believed the men had followed the woman from a shopping centre where she had made the large cash withdrawal.

Three Chilean nationals, a 40-year-old man and his two sons aged 17 and 22, were arrested over the robbery four days later.

They were detained by Australian Federal Police at Sydney Airport as they attempted to board a plane to Canada.

The trio was extradited back to the Gold Coast where they have been held in custody ahead of their court appearance.

The Chilean nationals, who were holidaying on the Coast at the time of the robbery, were today found guilty and will be deported back to Chile.