Father’s Day killer to finally pay compo to ex

The man who committed the unthinkable act of killing his three children by driving into a dam in Victoria on Father’s Day a decade ago, has agreed to give his former wife some money to help with her pain and suffering.

Robert Farquharson killed his three boys, Jai, 10, Tyler, 7 and Bailey 2 by driving them into the Winchelsea Dam in 2005.

He was sentenced in 2010 to life behind bars, to serve a minimum of 33 years for the crime.


He was originally ordered to pay ex wife Cindy Gambino $225,000 but that was set aside when Farquharson appealed.

On Friday The Age said Justice Lex Lasry asked if the settlement was similar to the amount awarded in 2009 but Mr Hill told the court it would not be as much as there was only a “finite pool” of money.

Mr Hill said the settlement terms had yet to be signed and asked for an adjournment to finalise the matter.

He said the Office of Public Prosecution’s asset confiscation team would have to sign off on the document.

Justice Lasry agreed to adjourn the case to November 20.