Fears body found in suitcase may belong to missing toddler William Tyrrell

RESULTS of a post-mortem examination expected today will determine if there is any link between the remains of a child found in South Australia and the disappearance of NSW toddler William Tyrrell.

Police have said that murder is the likely cause of death of a child whose remains were found inside a suitcase beside a South Australian Highway on Wednesday.

Police were called to the scene near the Karoonda Highway in South Australia’s Murray Mallee after a passing motorist made the gruesome discovery.


It is has been revealed that police believe the child, aged between two and seven, died elsewhere and was placed into the suitcase and dumped, as there are no missing persons matching the remains in South Australia, indicating the child may have been from interstate.

Detectives are cross-checking all missing children cases, including the now four year-old boy who vanished from his grandmother’s yard in Kendall on the mid north NSW coast last September, News Corp reports.

It will not be known if there is any link between the discovery of the remains and the disappearance of toddler William Tyrrell until the DNA results of the bones are determined.

A man, aged in his 60’s is wanted in relation to the discovery of the bones – Police say an elderly man was spotted carrying a dark coloured suitcase between six and eight weeks ago in the area where the bones were discovered.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers immediately.