Fears flood mapping could spark GC insurance price hike

There are concerns new State Government flood mapping could spark a huge insurance price hike on the Gold Coast.

Being listed in the extended area would likely increase insurance premiums and State MP for Burleigh Michael Hart is concerned his constituents will cop the brunt of the costs.

“It’s going to have a dramatic effect on the future developments in Palm Beach, in particular,” he said.


“It will eventually flow on to people’s insurance cover.

“It may mean residents can’t get flood insurance in the future, or if they can get it it’ll be extremely expensive.”

Gold Coast Councillor Cameron Caldwell is urging insurance companies not to spike up the price.

“Insurance companies should do the right thing in assessing risk for their customers based on the realities on what those risks are today,” he said.

“It’s important for the State Opposition that if the State Opposition have an alternate position to take, they articulate that point.

“Under the current State Government, we have no choice but to implement the 80 cm sea level rise predictions.”

The flood mapping changes won’t take place until September which could spark an influx of applications for development in the new “floodplain areas”.

The State Opposition is also worried about how the floodplain mapping would impact the development in areas like Palm Beach and Currumbin, as well as the extension of the Light Rail.

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You can safely assumed that the rise in sea level will occur in the northern hemisphere as well as southern, So the likes of, Holland, USA Miami and every other coastal community in the world will have the same issue, so apparently here the excuse is global warming nothing we can do “it was dolly”, I think councils and Gov have to come together, explore solutions and mitigate the potential extra flooding, the Dutch, Italians (Venice) have been dealing with raising sea levels for century’s, with solutions and flood modelling programmes and lateral thinking, raising the 100yr ARI flood height for development just puts the cost back on the community via Insurance hikes and will drastically increase the cost to development there by none of our kids will ever be able to afford to own a house.

Re the new flood mapping. If the Council think that insurance companies will not jump on this to boost their profits than they really are naive.