Fears for Migaloo as white whale remains wash up on Aus beach

There are fears the remains of a white whale that washed up on a beach in Victoria may be those of Australia’s most-famous humpback, Migaloo.

The remains were found on a beach at Mallacoota yesterday afternoon.

Wildlife experts are working to determine whether the animal is Australia’s famous white whale or not.


Migaloo has not been spotted off our shores in over two years, after losing his tracking chip.

Dr Vanessa Pirotta told the ABC they are running all sorts of tests to determine if the whale is in fact Migaloo.

“One of those would be taking photos and measurements,” Dr Pirotta says.

“So if we can get a really good photo of the tail flute we could potentially match that to maybe Migaloo or we could work out if that is in fact Migaloo or not.”

There was some talk from Scientists on whether weathering could have turned the skin white, but it does appear to be a genuine white whale.