Fears new youth laws will overwhelm Queensland detention centres

There are fears that Queensland’s youth detention centres are filling too quickly, following a change in bail laws.

Figures from last week, published by Newscorp, show that of 306 beds at the West Moreland Centre in Wacol, 282 of them were taken.

Concerns are growing that there will soon be capacity issues, due to a recent tightening in the state’s bail laws.


Legislation changes brought in this month include GPS tracker trials for repeat offenders, the removal of the presumption of bail, and further requirements for parents of offenders.

Experts say that the tough new bail conditions will see more people behind bars, and more beds taken.

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Who is concerned? The public isn’t, we’re happy that’s 306 less little hood rats stealing our things and running us over with stolen cars.

Just shows that all the do gooders and their deterrents don’t work.
Rehabilitation, community service, counselling are all just an added cost to the community.
Build a new purpose built facility out Whoop whoop run by the military and teach them discipline and real life skills without all the luxuries they currently enjoy for free!

isnt it better to have them at capacity instead of having the A55hats out in public? thats kind of the point of the detention centres…. to utilize them.

1. Do adult crimes, do adult time!
2. Bring back 100 years of hard labour in prisons!
3. Bring back minimum mandatory sentencing!

Not sure who the fear or concerns relate too, but like most people am glad the new laws are working as intended (who would have thought that would happen though), and would prefer them behind bars rather than running free when they don’t deserve it.

the only people who have fears are those who are committing crimes, facilities to detain them are made for that purpose, to remove them from society and prevent them committing more crimes