Fears of Qld virus outbreak, after two infected 19yos falsified border declaration

Queensland authorities are going into overdrive to try and contain an outbreak of coronavirus in the state’s southeast.

The two 19-year-old’s returned positive results yesterday afternoon, the only two new cases within the state in the last 24 hours.

Authorities have confirmed that the girls falsified their border declaration passes, after recently travelling to the hot spot of Melbourne.


The pair were able to get through the checks by flying into Brisbane from Sydney on July 21.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says it’s incredibly disappointing, and the community will be feeling the consequences of their actions.

“We know that if we act really fast now we can stop this spreading further and cause even more inconvenience to a a lot of people. 

“So there are going to be shopping centres, a school, restaurants or close now for at least 48 hours while we arrange a deep clean of those facilities and contact tracer people who attended.

“And also, I have asked that all the aged care facilities in the Metro South area be closed to visitors and have enhanced screening of staff and that staff are not to work across multiple facilities.

“We need to act really, really fast. These two young women have been out in the community for eight days while unwell.

“So please, anyone who lives in that Logan, Acacia Ridge, Springfield Lakes, areas, if you have any symptoms at all or if you are concerned, please come forward immediately and get tested.

“There will be additional fever clinics put in place but please, see your own GP, go to one of the fever clinics that are there and get yourself tested as soon as possible.

“If you are unwell, stay at home and isolate yourself. That is the way we can all work together to stop this further spreading,” Doctor Young said.

While State Disaster Coordinator Steve Gollschewski says an investigation will be carried out as well.

“Our primary health officer is to track down anyone who has been exposed to this and make sure we can identify them.

“We are using all of our government arrangements, including our disaster management frameworks to assist health to do that.

“We will make sure that priority is to identify and eliminate any further transmission of Covid in that area.

“I can also say to you that there is an investigation that is ongoing into the circumstances of these two young women coming back from Victoria into Queensland, including the way that they got through the border and the fact that they were in the community for eight days when they should have been quarantined.

“And now, our investigation will examine that and at the end of the day we will make an appropriate decision around what should happen with that,” Steve Gollschewski said.

One of the pair worked in a school in Logan, which has now had to be closed with a number of other staff going into lockdown.

The principal has already confirmed that the woman had limited contact with students.

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These two should be shamed and named on social media for doing the wrong thing.

They have been.

Selfish stupid lying girls. They need to face the full strength of the law, Make the silly immature spoilt brats explain to the kids who will lose sport again, all the workers whose bars will close down, all the elderly who can’t have visitors, not to mention those that die, why their Melbourne holiday was more important than anyone else.
This is why the border needs to be closed, so many selfish a***s can’t be trusted to think about anyone but themselves. But it’s probably too late now.

They should be fined. No consideration for anybody else. Selfish young ladies.

A fine is not enough. Can they be sued for loss of income? we need a deterent

They should be charged with criminal negligence. It definitely fits the charge.

Prosecute these two girls.

Name &Shame!These girls need to be publicly berated by all media outlets They need to feel sorrow for their actions and their penalty needs to be harsh so to deter others from thinking this is OK Because it is NOT !

What are these girls’ names?

They are stupid and Irresponsible! They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!

There would have to be Jail time for that for sure. If all they get is a fine they won’t pay it anyway??

Jail is the only punishment acceptable

Anyone caught doing this selfish act should be sacked by the employer. jail time and pay for the closure and cleaning that has to be done. We all pay for this – the individual should pay not all of us as tax payers. My words cannot express how these two girls have no respect for anyone……….

Great, so now we can expect an outbreak in QLD at some point. Some people can’t be trusted. What happened to people travelling from Victoria not being allowed in and compulsary lockdown? Close the border.

Should any contacts of these idiots die through contacting the virus they should be held responsible with a manslaughter minimum charge. What about the family friends etc they would have known that they were not isolating and should have dobbed them in They are also complicit in this crime as that is what it is. An earlier report said they have also been to church. It’s hardly a Christian thing to do

We should have never reopened the border. We opened to the rest of Australia as Victoria started to lock down again. By this time it’s too late the transmissions have already happened, all we can do is minimise the size of the spread. . By opening the borders we gave people the chance to be selfish idiots. There are a lot of them out there and now we will all pay the price for their idiotic behavior. We were ok. We kept our numbers down untill the first selfish idiot decided the rules don’t apply to them and what they want to do matters more than Queensland’s and the rest of Australia’s jobs, businesses and lives.

The fact that one of these girls works in a school where’s her integrity? you would think she’d know better. Such irresponsible behaviour!! Prosecution is what’s needed now for both of them

Jail time. They won’t be able pay a fine. Minimum 3 months in maximum security for both of them.

Straight to jail. Do not pass go. Nothing else is acceptable. We have to come down so hard on these disrespectful lying idiots to make sure that everyone gets the message…..loud and clear. I made it known to my employer that I had been at Orion during the 8 days they might have been there, immediately the news broke. Came home to isolate, get tested etc immediately. Just think how many other people, young and old, were there over the 8 days. What are pair of morons. They should be intubated…… see how they like the pain…….and as for their immediate family in being complicit, send them to jail as well. Send the message that this sort of behaviour is just not on, ever. Thought we were all in this together, clearly not…….

Jail them for reckless endangerment and make them compensate the businesses that have suffered due to their gross stupidity

Thanks to these self centred, self absorbed brats – nursing homes have been closed preventing me from seeing my parents one of whom is very unwell.

I thought VIC was in full lockdown, so how did they leave? How was there no records on the system showing they were in Victoria and why the heck were they there? What is the point of lockdown if people can come in and out?!

You would euthanize an animal if it were this stupid. Do the same to these two twits!

Send them back to there country of origin !!!!!!

They are obviously criminals, they are shoplifters and I wonder how much they have stolen in the time they have been in Australia. The money they have spent on their ugly, totally bloated faces would be a small fortune in itself. Jail them, then DEPORT these totally selfish potential murderers. Australia doesn’t need you.

If anyone dies as a result… Will they be held accountable?

Last edited 10 months ago by Philippe Kiene

I am disgusted by this. Everybody knows the implications & if found they have caused any deaths among us from their spread. Murder charge category 1. Let’s see pictures of these girls and their names. The WHOLE of QLD needs to know who they are, and will not be made to feel safe just like they have done to us.

Show their faces and names. They don’t need to be hidden. People die because of dumb c***s like them.

Well that would give away the fact they’re apparently Kenyan and we’ve no doubt been s***ered into accepting them into the country. Perhaps we could hear more on their citizenship status and do ourselves a favour.

These pair are a special kind of dumb. Lying to authorities and wandering around in the community with symptoms. Selfish as$%@les. Qld government needs to make an example of these peanuts. Huge fines, jail time and businesses whose income had bern affected by them should go after them for loss of income ect.

None of this will happen of coarse. Just a slap on the wrist I bet.

Throw them into jail. I bust my a*** to make sure everything is as sanitised on the same wage on I was on pre covid, so I don’t take it home to my 86 year you old mother. I hate you selfish b****es

NAME & SHAME! Jail time – they won’t be able to pay a fine. 3 months minimum.

What are their names?

Young and female. So they will get the minimum punishment.

I’m absolutely disgusted with these women and hope they will be prosecuted. I’m Victorian and the pain we are experiencing is real and profound. I don’t wish it upon any other State. Queenslanders, lock up these two women!

If you are caught on a mobile phone whilst driving, you receive a fine. If you cause an accident whilst on your phone you will possibly go to prison. These two young women should be sent to prison, their stupidity may cause people’s deaths and will undoubtably lead to considerable hardship and financial loss.

I’m just loss for words at how inconsiderate, selfish and negligent the acts of these women are, they have put Queensland lives at risk for a good time. Falsified information is despicable and they should be jailed – consider it the quarantine they should have been doing.

I think these posts say everything I feel . Our government needs to do something to punish these girls as they have now caused so much pain to our community in so many ways and reignited fear of contagion and outcomes. All because they wanted a holiday!

They should be shamed, fined and put into goal.
They knowingly new they were in the wrong otherwise they would not have lied.
So if deaths result from this, it s a type of manslaughter. What does the system do to people
who knowingly put people in harms way?

The courts have set a precedent.
How many others will now attempt to visit family or friends knowing that it’s only a 4000 fine.
How many would pay that amount to see loved ones again ???
Lives WILL be lost because of these young women’s deliberate selfish actions , fully understanding the repercussions, these two young women acted with no regard for anybody but themselves all in the pursuit of vanity. The hand down of a four thousand dollar fine when the possibility of people now losing their lives is an absolute joke. These girls are lapping up the attention and think its no big deal .Their Botox probably cost more then that .
SENTENCE THESE TWO AS THE ADULTS THEY ARE . 6 months prison will wipe the fake smiles off of these stupid women’s faces and show that the state government here in Qld has some scrotal fortitude.

I am one of many Angry Queenslanders !!!!


Oh and let’s not forget that the Australian civil aviation offences these girls committed . Has this been overlooked ??????
372.1A Dealing in identification information that involves use of a carriage service

Dealing in identification information using a carriage service

(1) A person (the first person ) commits an offence if:

(a) the first person deals in identification information; and

(b) the first person does so using a carriage service; and

(c) the first person intends that any person (the user ) (whether or not the first person) will use the identification information to pretend to be, or to pass the user off as, another person (whether living, dead, real or fictitious) for the purpose of:

(i) committing an offence; or

(ii) facilitating the commission of an offence; and

(d) the offence referred to in paragraph (c) is:

(i) an indictable offence against a law of the Commonwealth; or

(ii) an indictable offence against a law of a State or Territory; or

(iii) a foreign indictable offence.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years.

If our government don’t have the balls to jail these two criminals, then because of the mayhem and almost certain deaths they WILL have caused…… Maybe a lawyer out there could tell us if we can take out a class action against them?

If anyone dies as a result of these 2 fat lip brain dead criminals they need to be hung.

They should be JAILED, they will never pay a fine, already proven they are dishonest. Jail for 2 years min and then For every life lost in QLD give them two years per life.

Bring back public flogging, then put them in a covid hospital ward to empty bedpans. They should be done for manslaughter for every death they cause, and every cent these miserable slags earn for the rest of the worthless lives should go to the families of their victims.

These 2 girls shouldn’t be fined they should be put in jail for doing this $4000 fine thats too low and the brother is bringing colour into this it could have been anyone what a moron saying this. Name and shame them it could have been anyone show there photo

Their bloated kardashian look alike faces were on the 7 pm ABC news tonight

Just read and article about the brother commenting on his sisters situation about traveling to a Melbourne hot spot on a current affair….This is not about race this is about the coronavirus! The coronavirus is real and dangerous. To the brother of one of the girls who lied about her travels, you make me sick, it has nothing to do with a person’s race! Your sister and her friends did a stupid thing and need to own up. You have made yourself look like an absolute idiot, grow up and stop playing the race card! It was extremely selfish of your sister and her friends to travel to a well known hot spot and they should face the consequences of their actions.

The girl that does not want to give details of where she had been should be arrested and held in custody until she decides to co-operate with police and contact tracers as to where she was and who she had been in contact. Extremely inconsiderate.