Fed govt accused of bungling flood response

The federal government is being accused of learning nothing from the Black Summer bushfires following the flood crisis across Queensland and New South Wales.

A group of former high ranking emergency chiefs from across the country claim the government was warned of the potential for massive flooding this summer but did not adequately prepare for the disaster.

Former Fire & Rescue Commissioner Greg Mullins says the government has again failed to listen to expert advice.


“The Morrison Government had the Royal Commission but (out of) 80 recommendation, they’ve only acted on about 14,” Mr Mullins told the ABC.

“Had they acted on those recommendations we would be in a much better place now, there’d be proper evacuation centres with food and water, the recovery would be going much better.

“They’ve dropped the ball yet again.”

It comes as the response to the floods by New South Wales comes under scrutiny amid claims authorities twice rejected an offer of assistance from the ADF before the full impact of the floods hit.

The NSW Government has announced an independent review into the flood response.

Mr Mullins leads Emergency Leaders for Climate Change, a group of 37 former emergency officials who believe the increase in extreme weather events and the severity is a direct result of climate change.

He’s described Australia’s approach to climate change as “embarrassing.”

“It’s just so frustrating this government has a tine ear when it comes to climate change. They’ll say all the right words but their policies are at the back of the pack along with Russia and Saudi Arabia.”