Federal Budget and what it may mean for locals

MONCRIEFF MP Steven Ciobo has been asked on Sky News how the Coalition could claim it didn’t know the full extent of the debt levels.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey will outline the Government’s spending plans in Canberra tonight.

He replied that “we saw a lot of fiddling when it came to the way in which Labor approached the Budget, now the clearest example that I can give is that under Labor’s Budget we saw for example where the unemployment rate was forecast to be 6.5 per cent and then miraculously overnight…it suddenly dropped down to 5 per cent”.


Mr Ciobo went on to say that “what we did was we changed the parameters so we made it realistic”.

He added that locals could look forward to a boost in spending on infrastructure.

The Gold Coast MP also boasted about previous promises already honoured including the re-establishment of a Federal Police Headquarters here on the Coast and Queensland’s first strike team of AFP Officers.

Premier Campbell Newman has promised to give a frank assessment of the Federal Budget, vowing to take on the Abbott Government if it is a poor deal for the Sunshine State.

Some good news for older Australians, with businesses set to get a $10,000 incentive to hire over 50’s.

It is understood companies will be given the direct cash payments if they keep those people on the books for two years.

While an increase in the fuel excise is all but guaranteed, with the Greens agreeing to back a plan to match the excise to inflation.

Hospitals may also be given permission to charge people who come to Emergency Departments with trivial complaints.

The measure is aimed at countering a possible influx of people, which could stem from a co-payment to be introduced at bulk-billing doctors.

A temporary debt tax and increase in the fuel excise are all but guaranteed – as are huge cuts to the public sector.

Finally the Public Sector Union predicted the Government would cut at least 28-hundred jobs in the Tax Office alone.

ABC TV will be covering the Budget release from 7.30pm.