Federal election officially called for May 18

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the Federal Election will be held on May 18.

The date was the expected date, though Mr Morrison waited until the last possible minute to call the election.

After an extremely brief (8 minutes long) meeting with the Governor General just before 7.00am, Mr Morrison promptly returned to Parliament House to make the official announcement.


“We live in the best country in the world, but to secure your future, the road ahead depends on a strong economy.

“And that’s why there is so much at stake, at this election,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison’s announcement very heavily enforced the importance of a strong economy, with undertones of secure border protection.

“Australia is the best country in the world, but our future depends on a strong economy.

“You’ll get to decide between a government that has fixed the budget, or Bill Shorten’s Labor Party that we always know, can’t manage money,” Mr Morrison said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor Leader Bill Shorten will spend the next few weeks campaigning around the country.

The latest polls show that the Labor Party is likely to win the next election, with the latest Newspoll suggesting the government trails Labor 48-52 two party preferred.

Though the numbers have been the best results for the Coalition, since Malcolm Turnbull was dumped as leader.

The most recent Ipsos poll also showed the Coalition behind, 47-53.

Bill Shorten told Channel Nine reporters this morning that he’s ready for their 35 day election campaign.

” We’re ready for the election, and we’re ready for government.

“I’ve got a more united and experienced team.

“This election will be a choice, about more cuts and better health care for your family,” Mr Shorten said.