Federal government slams ‘frustrating’ state border closures again

The federal treasurer’s had another hit at states that impose internal borders, saying it’s becoming frustrating to deal with.

It comes as South Australia is shut out from the rest of Australia, as it battles a small outbreak there.

New South Wales is currently the only state without a harsh border in place to the state, but the Premier is urging residents not to go there or come from there if possible.


The federal government has consistently said that internal borders are unnecessary in Australia’s attempt to deal with coronavirus.

But, as per our consitution, the decision on borders remains with state leaders, and the popular opinion seems to be to close borders to any state with any sort of coronavirus trouble.

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Queensland were quick to put in place border restrictions to South Australia, without them even having 20 confirmed cases of the virus.

Victoria was a bit delayed, but has just imposed a 48 hour border to the state as well, as it undergoes a short total lock down.

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has told Sunrise this morning, it’s ‘frustrating’ that this protection measure is becoming a trend.

“Our view is that those borders cost jobs.

“That’s why we’ve been outspoken in the past, obviously we’ve got to try and suppress the virus when it does arrive, and obviously we’re hoping that all the borders can be open by Christmas,” Mr Frydenberg said.