Federal government secures more Pfizer doses ahead of schedule

The federal government has secured more Pfizer doses, which are expected to start arriving late this month.

It’s understood we’ll have access to a million doses of the sought after formula a week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s told The Today Show it will drastically help boost immunisations.


We have been working with Pfizer now for quite some period of time to bring forward our supplies and I commend Minister Hunt and Professor Murphy and Lieutenant General Frewen for the great job net going those supplies brought forward.

“That means we’ve gone from 1.7 million in June, 2.8 million this month and we will rise to a million a week from 19 July and we will get to 4.5 million a month next month.

“So that’s ramping up. We’ve got 1,300 extra GPs coming online this month to deliver the Pfizer vaccines specifically.

“And so we are really hitting our marks now. I know we’ve had challenges over the course of the last four months but we’re hitting those marks now.

“We keep this pace up, we get there. So it really is the national effort to get there,” the Prime Minister said. 

Scott Morrison has also given his best guarantee that those doses are locked in for Australia, despite there being a worldwide shortage of the formula.

Pfizer’s supply to us, all the way through, what they’ve said they will deliver, they have delivered,” Mr Morrison told The Today Show.

“We’re still working in a global market where there’s a lot of strains.

“And they confirmed those supplies. I can tell you every time Pfizer said they are going to deliver something, they have.

“Now, clearly we didn’t have that with AstraZeneca early on in the rollout and there were 3 million vaccines that set us right back.

“But we’re making up that time now. And we’re hitting those marks. We need to hit now. And so we keep that up Australia, we get this thing done,” he said.