Federal government to spend $2B on new ‘JobTrainer’ package

The federal government has announced its next round of support measures for the economy, to aid our recovery from coronavirus.

The new ‘JobTrainer’ package aims to help school leavers and job seekers develop new skills and train them for in-demand jobs.

$2 billion will be spent funding more than half a million places for trainees and apprentices in the building and construction industry.


Federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has told The Today Show it will create and support many people.

“It will assist apprentices and trainees across Australia to remain in their jobs but it will also ensure that we are creating hundreds of thousands of additional training places working with the states and territories in areas of great need,” Minister Cash said.

It’s understood the short courses will be made as early as September.

“We already know where some of the areas of demand are. We will continue to work with the states and territories to identify future areas of demand.

“You could be doing a short course in October of this year at almost a low cost or no cost and going straight into a job. That’s the whole point of the package,” Minister Cash told Today.

The new JobTrainer package has already been welcomed by Master Builders.

CEO Denita Wawn says the construction industry will play a huge role in rebuilding the nation.

“The building and construction industry trains more apprentices and provides more full-time jobs than any other sector in the economy.

“We look forward to being involved in the implementation of this $2 billion package.

“With the support of measures like JobTrainer, HomeBuilder and hopefully more stimulus measures and policy reforms in the future our industry will play a vital in rebuilding Australia, Ms Wawn said.

The government is expected to officially announce the package today.

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