Federal govt signs agreement to ensure Australians get COVID vaccines first

Australians will be amongst the first in the world to receive a coronavirus vaccine, with the federal government signing an agreement with a British based drug company.

The company, AstraZeneca, is developing a promising jab with Oxford University, which is in the third stage of testing at the moment.

It’s considered a global front runner in the vaccine race, but it will still be months before the drug could be officially approved.


The Prime Minister Scott Morrison says there would still be more to do after that as well.

“In terms of the manufacturing arrangements, there is still a lot of work to do there is still a lot of work to do there.

“I’m very confident about that. It would take a couple months after we receive, as you say, the recipe.

“I would expect to see it in early 2021, if we can get it earlier than that, we will,” he told Sunrise this morning.

Under the agreement, if the drug is found to be safe and effective, Australia would receive the formula to make it as well.

Plus it would be free for everyone.

The exact cost of the agreement has been kept secret for now.