Federal Minister lashes out at ‘weak’ and ‘heartless’ Qld Premier

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s been labelled ‘weak and heartless’ by a federal minister, after issuing fines to country pubs for COVID-19 breaches.

There are claims she’s treated regional Queenslanders differently to those in the southeast, after letting 30,000 protesters get off scott-free for the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Agricultural Minister has lashed out at the state leader, claiming she should have done more to protect businesses that are now facing crippling $6,000 fines.


Minister David Littleproud says it’s weak of Premier Palaszczuk to just throw ‘her hands in the air, saying it is all a matter for the police’.

“The Premier’s actions show she’s prepared to treat regional Queenslanders differently to those in the south East.

“The Premier let 30,000 people protest in Brisbane with no penalty but lays into small country pubs going broke for a breach.

“People in Brisbane should know regional Queenslanders feel as though they’re second class citizens in our state.

“It’s heartless of the Premier to not even try and find a way to remove the fines on these small country pubs going to the wall due to COVID-19.

“I wrote to the Premier last week to take into account the tenuous nature of these regional pubs. I am still waiting for a response.

“What is needed here is a Premier who can see the punishment does not fit the crime and try to work it through to a solution.

“By abandoning the hard working country publicans, the Premier sends a signal that their business, the people they employ and the communities they serve, do not matter.

“Anyone can see that a fine of $6672 on a business that has been losing money hand over fist, due to COVID-19, could send that business under.

“And by not stepping up, the Queensland Premier reveals herself to be weak and heartless,” Minister Littleproud said.

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It could only happen to country towns the premier of this state is an embarrassment to her self and government it’s all about Brisbane she only caress what happens there.Go you country towns fight all the way.Carol

Onya Anna. Some idiots won’t be happy till they’ve killed a few people. Good on you for keeping the interstate morons out too.

Minister David Littleproud should shut his mouth so why didnt he speak out when his leader went and deserted the country in a time of national disaster and why didnt he speak out because the area hasnt received the money promised by his leader. oh sorry Mister littleproud I forgot you a gutless idiot that blames everything on someone else. maybe grow some balls and look at your own party before blaming someone else.