FedEx workers to strike around Australia TODAY

If you’re waiting on a delivery today, it might be slightly delayed, with thousands of FedEx workers set to go on strike today.

Up to 3,000 workers around Australia are walking off the job today, demanding more job security including caps on outside hire and for work to be allocated to existing employees before contracting out.

Crisis talks broke down yesterday with management refusing the requests.


This is despite FedEx generating net record profits, with revenues jumped to US$84 billion and net income over US$5 billion last year.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine says workers shouldn’t be in this position.

“Strikes are always a last resort, but FedEx workers have no choice when outsourcing is running rampant in the industry, and the company is refusing to guarantee secure jobs won’t be shipped out next.

“FedEx made enormous profits last year off the back of workers who sweated it out in depots and trucks to keep parcels moving.

“This industry-wide assault on good jobs and secure conditions is pushing workers to the brink, but transport workers at FedEx are bravely fighting back today because they deserve better.

“Workers are forced to take a stand because the Federal Government hasn’t,” Mr Kaine said.

The Transport Workers Union also reports that recent ballots of workers have found that a minimum of 90% voted yes for strikes across the Toll, StarTrack, FedEx Linfox and Bevchain companies.