Ferrari-driving Deputy Mayor has another run-in with the Police

AUSTRALIA’s most infamous Deputy Mayor has done it again…

Salim Mehajer has had another run in with Police, this time for driving an unregistered Ferrari, not once, but twice.

Auburn’s Deputy Mayor was allegedly driving erratically on Canterbury Rd in south west Sydney around 11pm on Saturday when stopped by Police.


He was reportedly then told to not drive the vehicle.

But less than 30 minutes later, different officers spotted him, allegedly still behind the wheel.

Cr Mehajer first came to nationwide attention when he closed local streets for his lavish wedding (pictured), featuring countless luxury cars, motorbikes and helicopters.

He was fined $220 by his own council.

He has since been slapped with an Apprehended Violence Order for allegedly threatening the father of a Sydney siege survivor during an incident at a gym.

Mehajer is also being sued by a mother and daughter for damages after an incident dating back three years ago.