Fidget spinner warning following rise in injuries

Parents are being urged to read instructions and supervise children when using fidget spinners in light of recent reports of injuries both in Australia and overseas.

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading issued the warning, stating that they were currently conducting a product safety investigation into the popular toys.

“The OFT is leading a product safety investigation into the products on behalf of Australian consumer product safety regulators,” they said in a statement.


“The investigation will examine different designs, build quality and durability under reasonable use conditions.”

To date, several models have been tested by Australian product safety regulators and have passed safety tests.

One fidget spinner was voluntarily recalled due to an insecure button battery compartment.

When purchasing fidget spinners, parents and caregivers have been warned to keep in mind that quality and safety can be relative to price, and some cheaper products may not be of the same quality.

“Parents and caregivers should be particularly cautious of products with button batteries or that have sharp points or edges,” the OFT said.

The OFT recommends the following safety tips:

• Always read the safety instructions
• Supervise children when using fidget spinners
• Fidget spinners should not be given to children under 3 years of age.
• Avoid fidget spinners with sharp points or edges.
• If a fidget spinner is damaged in any way, discard it immediately.
• If the fidget spinner has a button battery, make sure the battery compartment is secure.
• Dispose of used button batteries immediately. Batteries can still be dangerous even when they’ve run out of charge.