Fifita looks at other codes amid fears his NRL career is over

Andrew Fifita has revealed he’s had talks with Cronulla Sharks officials and his management about a move out of the NRL.

The troubled star’s career is hanging by a thread after being warned by NRL officials that one more off-field indiscretion could spell the end.

Fifita was banned from selection in the Australian squad after he was seen supporting convicted one punch killer Kieran Loveridge, who was a childhood friend.


He has also previously been in trouble for an outburst at a junior match official earlier in the year.

While in August, he was issued a police warning for consorting with criminals. The matter is still under investigation by the NRL’s integrity unit.

Fifita spoke on Sky News on Tuesday night, saying he felt like he was being forced out of the sport he loves.

“I don’t know if my contract is going to be ripped up tomorrow. I don’t know if my contract is going to be ripped up in six months,” Fifita said.

“I feel like I am on my last chance with the NRL. I know they they all know that.

“I am thinking the worst at the moment. I have one more mess up and I am out, my contract is up.

“So I have already approached my management team and I have had talks with the (Sharks) CEO (Lyall Gorman) about negotiating elsewhere in different codes.”