“Fighting to survive” Urgent tick warning for Qld pet parents

Pet owners are being warned to be on the lookout for ticks, with local vets seeing a staggering increase in dogs and cats being brought in with tick paralysis.

It’s understood the latest rain combined with early high temperatures has brought on the creepy-crawlies, with RSCPA Qld urging all pet parents to check their fur babies thoroughly.

“This time of year we always see a spike in tick paralysis related cases,” RSPCA Qld Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Anne Chester said.


“Some pets can be on oxygen for days fighting to survive and sadly, not all pull through”.

Since September, the RSPCA has seen 25 cases of tick paralysis in cats and dogs.

“Mild winters and wet weather at the start of spring and summer contribute to the rise in tick cases,” Dr Chester warned.

“Tilde here is one of the cats in RSPCA foster care recovering from tick paralysis.

“She was also pregnant at the time when she was fighting to survive.”

PHOTO: Supplied by RSPCA Qld

Dr Chester said the best way to prevent heartache is to ensure all tick preventatives are up to date.

“You should also be checking your pets over daily for any lumps and bumps and watch for the signs of tick paralysis in your pet”.

An unsteady staggering gait, a dry cough and even a change in an animal’s bark or meow could mean they’ve been infected.

“Pet owners should seek veterinary attention immediately,” RSPCA Qld said.

“The sooner the antiserum is administered the less chance there is of the tick poisoning being lethal. Prompt action can and will save lives.”