What the Fiji Rugby Sevens did on this flight will melt your heart

They may appear strong and fearless but the Fiji Rugby Sevens have proven that there’s much more behind their tough appearance.

News.com.au have reported that while on a Virgin Australia flight from Nadi to Brisbane on Thursday there was a medical emergency.

A woman fell into a serious condition and began going in and out of consciousness.


According to a passenger on the plane, the Virgin staff rushed to the woman’s aid along with the Fijian team doctor, coach and physiotherapist.

However, it was what the players of one of the world’s top rugby seven sides did that will restore your faith in humanity.

To take the pressure off the air hostesses who were evidently distressed with the severe medical situation that was taking place, the players offered to serve lunch to the rest of the plane and even cleaned up afterwards, walking up and down the aisles collecting passengers trays and rubbish.

Images of the selfless act were captured by another passenger on the plane and uploaded to Facebook, where they have since gone viral, with people commending the team on their caring gesture.


PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Facebook

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this is what makes Fijians the friendliest people on earth and we are known the world over for it..Thank team Fiji..