Fill up now! Petrol price set to jump to $1.50 across SEQ

Drivers are being warned to take advantage of any ‘low’ petrol prices they see, as service stations begin jacking up the cost of fuel to figures we’ve not seen in three years.

Across the Gold Coast you can currently fill up on unleaded petrol for between 132.9 cents and 154.9 cents per litre depending on which side of the road you’re on.

Some people are reporting differences of 30 cents per litre at stations directly opposite one another.


The RACQ has confirmed oil prices have risen, but claims the price blowout has more to do with “retailers boosting their margins”.

It’s prompted fresh calls for the Queensland Government to enforce “transparent real-time petrol price data” to make the industry more competitive and allow motorists to shop around and save a dollar.


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