FILL UP NOW! Petrol soaring to ‘pre-covid highs’ on Gold Coast

Gold Coast motorists are being urged to fill up the tank as soon as possible, or risk being gouged by servos “vying to make up for lost profits” by returning prices to pre-COVID levels.

RACQ issued the warning on Thursday, after noticing more than 430 fuel stations across the Gold Coast and Brisbane had jacked up the price of unleaded petrol to more than 150 cents per litre.

Spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it’s obvious servos are trying to make up for lost profits.


“More than 65 percent of servos in Brisbane and 82 percent on the Gold Coast have hit 150cpl or higher – which is a far cry from the cheap monthly average of 98cpl we saw in the middle of last year at the height of coronavirus restrictions,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Fuel companies are clawing back lost profits and ripping off drivers with exceptionally high retail margins of around 40cpl.”

Ms Ritchie said with current low oil and wholesale prices there is really no excuse for margins to be so high.

“There are very few servos still selling unleaded for under 116cpl, and we know it won’t last long,” she said.

“Anyone who spots a good deal is being urged to fill up the tank immediately.”

The average price of unleaded on the Gold Coast today is 146.9cpl.

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So they are price gouging. You know it i know it the government obviously knows it. Why do they still get away with it?
Same goes for the airlines.

It’s because the government is making their money on the fuel taxes.

They are taking advantage of the mororists. The school holidays are ending this weekend. They do this every time at the beginning and end of the holidays when people have no choice but to pay to go on their holiday or come home. It’s planned extortion and i believe extremely calculated.

Yep and we still all go and fill up our cars.
Maybe just put enough in to see you through for a few days where possible.
The companies work on volume and so do the operators
Break that cycle and they will need to come up with another strategy!.

I wish drivers here would do as they have in France with petrol gouging. Campaigns and protest marches on the streets. Probably the best we can do here is to stand outside a petrol station with a placard and hope it is picked up by the local TV and spread throughout Australia. We know the government won’t do anything so it has to be up to the people.

I thought there was a petrol watchdog, if so what on earth is it doing.? If its toothless then disband it and get an agency with some power to stop this extortion