Film Review: The Trip to Italy

Guest film reviewer Rachel Abud

FROM the opening scenes of The Trip to Italy, you are welcomed by immaculate cuisine, hilarious conversation and gorgeous scenery that Italy has to offer.

This summertime culinary road trip star two of Brittan’s most loved comedic actors, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, on a trip we can only dream of. This semi-fictional improvised tour of Italy from director Michael Winterbottom, is teamed with incredible visual imagery of the most astonishing hotels, restaurants and of course, mouth watering meals. From the countryside of Tuscany, the coastal wonders of Liguria, the city treasures of Rome and only to finish off with the stunning ocean views of Capri, The Trip To Italy is exactly that.


As ready as I could be for what I was told was every traveler and foodies dream, I struggled to engage in the opening scenes. Though the conversation was difficult to follow to begin with, it truly set the pathway for the humor that was to come. Setting aside typical scripts, the element of deep conversation, humor and awkward chatter was exactly what created this connection with the actors. They were being real, and funny.

The further into the film you get, the more captivated and salivated you become by the ever changing, yet stunning, scenery of both the Italian countryside and the restaurant plates. Following the boys in their convertible mini-cooper is an adventure in itself.

The Trip To Italy is lovely movie to take your mind away from everyday life to set sail through the waters of adventure without ever leaving your seat. I promise you that you will leave in awe of their travels and if you don’t book a one way trip to Italy immediately, you will certainly dream of it for a long time.