Final nail in the coffin for Parramatta Eels

UPDATE 10.20am: The Parramatta Eels will be docked 12 competition points and fined $1 million for breaches of the salary cap, dating back to 2013.

The NRL has just confirmed the punishment, adding the registration of five officials at the club would also be cancelled and the team stripped of its 2016 Auckland Nines title.

The club was asked to respond to breach notices that were issued on May 3.


“The overall impression that I got from the responses is that no one at the club has taken responsibility for the deliberate, systemic and blatant breaches of the salary cap,” CEO Todd Greenberg said on Saturday.

“We have to take a stand to demonstrate that the NRL will not tolerate contraventions of the salary cap which plays such a crucial role in giving us one of the closest competitions in Australian sport,” he added.

Mr Greenberg admitted he felt sorry for Eels fans, coach Brad Arthur and the players.

“But we have to take a strong stand to preserve the integrity of the salary cap and the competition. We would hope that, in the long term, this will help make the club stronger and ensure there is no repeat of the salary cap breaches which have plagued the club over the last six years.”

The five club officials to be de-registered are Chairman Steve Sharp, Deputy Chairman Tom Issa, Director Peter Serrao, CEO John Boulous and Football Manager Daniel Anderson.

Parramatta can now decide whether or not to appeal the punishment or accept it.

EARLIER: The boss of the NRL will soon confirm the punishment to be dished out to Parrramatta.

Following a blockbuster start to 2016, with the win of the Auckland Nines, the Eels’ season took a major dive when it was revealed the club had breached the salary cap over the past six year.

Then, captain Kieran Foran spent time in a mental health facility to deal with a raft of personal issues.

Upon his return to the field, Foran suffered a season-ending shoulder injury and on Friday asked Parramatta for a release from the last three years of his contract.

Throw in the Semi Radradra affair and the Eels haven’t been able to catch a break.

Despite that, they’ve kept it together on the field and are currently in fourth place on the NRL ladder.

But today, that’s likely to all come crumbling down, with 12 competition points expected to be stripped from their tally.

While the Nines title is also to be binned and the club is looking at a $1 million fine for breaking the salary cap in five of the past six years.

They were forced to shed players this year, shaving an extra $570,000 to get back under the cap.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg will confirm the Leagues decision at 10.30am at Rugby League Central.