‘Final solution’ for protecting GC beaches on track for completion next year

Gold Coast Council has confirmed that another beach saving measure is on track to be delivered by the next year.

The massive pipeline project, which will use a pipeline to drag sand from the Spit through to vulnerable beach areas like Narrowneck and Surfers, is now entering its second stage.

The first stage of the $7.8 million project was completed in August last year, installing the pipeline from Narrowneck North to View Avenue in Surfers Paradise.


The second stage will see the pipeline finished from Narrowneck to the Sand Pumping Jetty at The Spit.

Once completed, the pipeline will be able to actively replenish the foreshore, delivering around 120,000 cubic metres of sand back on to the beach.

Mayor Tom Tate says this is the final solution to protecting Gold Coast beaches.

“It will be a beach protection program going from Surfers Paradise all the way through to the Spit.

“It gives us the flexibility at various junction points, where – should the next Tropical Cyclone comes and we need to replenish our beach with sand, we can pump it from the sand bypass system at the Spit, all the way through to Surfers Paradise,” Mayor Tate said.

“It’s along with other solutions that we’ve done for our vulnerable beaches, we fixed Palm Beach up with an artificial reef, back in the days at Narrowneck we upgraded our artificial reefs and put in seawalls.

“The final solution is the pipe under the ground where we can do sand piping from the end. and it’s a recycling thing – where we use mother nature to help us,” he said.

For more information about the project, click here.

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