Final US plane leaves Afghanistan, as 20-year war officially ends

US troops have now left Afghanistan for the last time, bringing the 20-year war to an end.

The two-week evacuation effort has now wrapped up, with more than 114,000 people airlifted out of the country.

It’s understood there are still some US citizens on the ground, many choosing to stay behind so that they can be with their families.


Their fate is not yet known, with many fearing retaliatory actions from the Taliban, despite the new governing body promising to let them leave the country if they’re able.

However, Kabul airport, which has been operated by US troops for the last few weeks, is hardly able to function, meaning civilian flights are unlikely to resume anytime soon.

The Taliban has been firing guns into the air in celebration, declaring ‘complete independence following the US exit.

It’s unclear whether or not the US will work with the Taliban to keep groups like ISIS-K at bay.