Financial Innovation on the minds of Big Blue Sky

No City can move forward without financial innovation and that is exactly what Big Blue Sky will address at their upcoming event at the Sofitel Broadbeach this Friday and Saturday.

With the assistance of a variety of leaders from a cross-section of industries, Big Blue Sky aims to forward the Gold Coast Cities resilience, vitality and economy for years to come.

One of the speakers at the event will be Joshua Vial – who is the founder of Enspiral (social enterprise ventures and social entrepreneurs working together with a shared vision and values, who come together online and offline to work and learn together in a supportive environment), will discuss the funding start-ups through community collaboration.


“I think cities are one of the most potent opportunities for innovation in our world. A possible future that intrigues me is one where the importance of nation states diminishes as the role of cities rise.

“I am mostly attracted to Big Blue Sky by the calibre of the people attending and the outcome that most excites me, would be a vibrant community of change makers on the Gold Coast who are financially strong and deeply connected with the global movement,” said Vial.

Mr Khan, who is already working with a similar model in Canada, will touch on how it is there and will discuss why he believes financial innovation is essential to building a better city.

“Infrastructure, energy, health, telecommunications, and information and data are all some of the essential components and capabilities needed to create better cities along with a better way of engaging people and communities.  We have an awful lot of capital in the world, either locked up or not being released in the right ways to allow all of these ingredients to come together to create something better. Financial innovation is one of the levers we have to make this happen,” Khan explained.

Mr Bauwen will bring to the table a wealth of knowledge working in collaboration with a global group of researchers in the exploration of peer production, governance, and property.

Returning for his second year, Dr David Martin founder of M-CAM, a global financial institution that advises corporations and investors on corporate finance and asset allocation by underwriting intellectual property and intangible assets will speak about credit v’s debt, the role of collateral v’s guarantees, the right support for the right time and when money is not the right path.

He said that Gold Coast property development, real estate and construction businesses were among those that could benefit from keeping up to date with technological innovations and the Coast’s changing economic ecosystem.

“There’s no area that’s not being touched by this kind of economic change, and even the most incumbent Gold Coast businesses need to know what’s going on,” Dr Martin said.

“That’s why Big Blue Sky is so important to incumbent businesses, in exposing them to these developments and, at a minimum, becoming a valuable intelligence- gathering exercise.”

Big Blue Sky will beheld at the Sofitel Resort, Broadbeach, on the 7 – 8 October. For tickets and more information, visit: