Finding love in Active Wear: The Bachelorette Episode 3 recap

If there’s two things we’ve learned from Episode 3, it’s that Georgia loves active wear.. and that Lee is HAWWWT.

It appears Georgia feels the same, as she invites Lee on the single date where they sip champagne on the beach and play a game of multiple choice.


Lee gets an answer wrong and Bachie-ette makes him do 20 push-ups. Smart woman. Georgia (and the rest of Australia) watch on like a love-starved psychopath. It seems Lee has good push-up technique because Georgia gives him a rose and they embrace in a snog-sesh that makes every females ovaries hurt.

Next, the group date. A trapeze activity because…. Georgia was once a trapeze instructor – is there anything this bird can’t do?

All the bachies are given the task of catching Georgia on the trapeze. It’s a game of trust, because all good relationships are built on trapeze trust.

It’s a tame date but the go-pro footage shows some fantastic camel-toe and moose-knuckle action. Sam fails to catch Georgia, possibly distracted by his own reflection, but he’s more bummed he didn’t beat Rhys.

But it’s ex-gymnast Matty’s pointed toe technique that catches Georgia’s eye and he wins alone time with her on the trapeze netting . Saaaaah romantic.

Nekminnit it’s the cocktail party. The lads dress in their best navy suit and camel-coloured shoes. Courtney has a leading edge after potentially spying through Georgia’s bedroom window and wears a red tux to match Bachie-ette’s dress. They laugh about being twinsies and Courtney sniffs her hair like any good stalker does.

In a cruel-but-funny prank, Courtney plays a man-trick on the lads telling them whoever jumps in the pool first wins the next date with Georgia. Before he’s finished explaining, Clancy dives into the pool fully clothed. #howembarrassment

On the plus side, Clancy gets to wear a fluffy man-robe to the rose ceremony, and manages to keep a place in the comp.

Osher’s hair announces 2 bachelors will be leaving the mansion. It’s a bit of a non-event, as the 3 least-attractive lads are left on the podium and Georgia gives self-confessed goof-ball Aaron and Jay (who?) the boot.