Finding satisfaction simplified

GETTING satisfaction in life could soon be as simple as reading an email, with Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus taking part in a new study.

The University’s Louise Houlahan said they will use email-based coaching course to test the principles of positive psychology.

Ms Houlahan explained that “Positive Psychology focuses on developing strengths, appreciating moments and improving life satisfaction for people who may not be feeling great, not coping or just want to get some help to feel better”.


Ms Houlahan, who is studying for a Master of Organisational Psychology, added “Positive Psychology techniques have been found to help a variety of people, including those with depression and anxiety, students, the military and others.

“I am aiming to study the impacts of this psychology treatment method using an email based coaching course.

“Using email will enable us to target a large number of people, at minimum cost.”

Participants in the study will be enrolled for four weeks, with a specific task being set each week. The task will not take more than ten minutes to complete and it is expected that people will experience greater life satisfaction for the time that they
are being coached.

Volunteers will be asked to fill in a number of surveys, before the coaching, immediately afterwards and six weeks after the coaching has been completed.

“Participation is completely voluntary and people can withdraw at any time.”

Please follow the link to get involved.

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