Fines dished out for Brisbane lockdown breaches

QUEENSLAND Police have wasted no time in dishing out fines for people breaking the lockdown restrictions in Greater Brisbane.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski confirmed on Saturday three people have been fined for not wearing masks when directed to.

“On three occasions those persons were actually offered the masks, refused to wear them, offered again and were given directions because they shouldn’t have been out and about as they were,” he said.


“They then failed to follow directions so police were left with no alternative but to taken enforcement action, which they did.”

They have since been handed $1300 penalty infringement notice for breaching the strict health directives.

There was another breach notice for a person who was in an area they should not have been.

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said police were still take a “compassion and compliance approach” and people would not be immediately fined for being out without a mask.

“What we’ve done is police are handing out masks rather than fines,” he said.

“Our police have handed out 360 masks.

“That has been really encouraging is that people are keen to wear them once they understand what is required of them. We’ve had very few where police have had to take action.”

Residents in Greater Brisbane, including the city itself, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton and Redlands, are being reminded to stay at home unless leaving for an essential reason.

The four reasons include essential work, essential shopping, caring for a vulnerable person and exercise within your neighbourhood.

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Yep and they will pay their fines on Monday!

Fines illegal.
Tie up the courts.
Fight it

Fuck off mate how about stop being a f***wit and putting your own comfort before the lives of others

Thanks for demonstrating the calibre of people who think that paper masks “save lives”. Swears immediately, and then later censors himself – utter buffonery! The fact is, if masks actually worked, then we wouldn’t need a lock down would we. This is about imposing control on people – Sept 11 was 20 years ago and they still frisk old ladies at the airport in case they’re carrying a bomb.

This isn’t temporary. This is how it’s going to be permanently if we don’t resist it. How many more liberties are you willing to sacrifice to save you from the flu you utter coward?

Its people like you that spread germs like you spread your unhappiness with life.

You must be fun at parties