Fire ants found at Gold Coast soccer field

An area at Runaway Bay has been blocked off to the public after an outbreak of fire ants.

Part of the field at the Runaway Bay Soccer Club had to be fenced off, as pest management specialists treat the area.

Iain Jamieson, a Senior Pest Management Specialist for the City of Gold Coast, says the nest does no longer pose a threat to the public.


“We’ve excluded the public from the nest, because of the risk fire ants pose to people.

“The ants have now been treated.

“We have complete faith that the nest is no longer viable,” Mr Jamieson said.

It’s believed Bio Security Queensland have already treated the nest with a pesticide treatment, and it has been effective in removing the nest.

The Gold Coast public is now being urged to check their backyards carefully for signs of the dangerous pest.

“The’re looking for ants that range in size, coppery brown with black bottom.

“You’ll find any loose soil that looks like an ant nest, the main distinguishing factor is that the nest doesn’t have any entry or exit holes,” Mr Jamieson said.

The City of Gold Coast is confident they’re on top of the fire ant situation, ensuring the invasive pest doesn’t take root in the community.

To report fire ants or learn more, click here.