Severe fire danger for the Gold Coast

GOLD Coastersare being warned not to light any fires, even those with a permit, with the fire danger hitting severe on today.

Tony Johnson from the Queensland Rural Fire Service wanted to remind residents what that really means.

He explained that we could have high temperatures, low humidity and very windy days and if someone is playing with fire in their backyard without a permit it could end badly.


Mr Johnson said it is relatively easy for embers to be picked up by a wind gust and carried elsewhere and start a fire.

“People can just keep an eye on the weather when these sorts of days come up, make sure they have their properties well prepared, that they have a bushfire plan in case conditions do get worse.

“I know everyone loves to go to the beach on a nice hot day, but today’s probably not the best day to go to the beach.

“Just get to know your neighbours, just get to know what’s burning around you and make sure your property’s well prepared for the fire season” Mr Johnson said.

He added experts admit they are seeing weather patterns they have not seen for 10 or 15 years.  “They are seeing drier conditions now, they are seeing windier conditions now, so for people that predominantly burn off at this time of the year they need to think about is it the right time because of the current climate”, Mr Johnson said.

The Rural Fire Service has not ruled out further controlled burns during the fire season, but when the conditions are right.  Mr Johnson hoped the wind might drop off into the weekend.