Fire fighters prepared for ‘extremely challenging’ conditions across S.E. Qld

Fire fighters are preparing for worsening conditions across the southeast, after a number of fires were sparked yesterday.

The worst was a bush fire in Stapylton, which is still burning at advice level this morning.

It started around 2.00pm yesterday afternoon just off Rossmans Road, forcing it to close along with Quarry Road.


More than a dozen crews battled the blaze throughout the afternoon, though Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Superintendent Alan Gillespie told myGC it’s wrapping up this morning.

“Our fire fighters will move to contain that his morning, and mop it up.

“I was talking to the incident controller this morning and the advice is that it’s only got a couple of hours in it, and they’ll have it fully contained and out,” Superintendent Gillespie said.

It comes as fire conditions are expected to worsen today, the local fire ban is extended for another week, which is expected to be reviewed each week into the summer season.

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Superintendent Alan Gillespie is warning everyone to be extremely careful today.

“Fire conditions are going to be extremely challenging for our firefighters, we have extremely hot conditions and very low humidity.

“A severe fire danger with a fire weather warning issues, that means any fires that do start today will spread very quickly and intensify very rapidly.

“Our fire fighters are on a very high state of alert, we have extra stations manned, and we have extra crews on deck in case something happens and we can jump on it really quickly and contain it as best we can.

“My message to people is very very clear, it’s going to be very hot today, it’s very dry out there, and they need to be extremely careful.

“Any sign of fire or smoke that they see, they need to report it so we can jump on it quickly.

“We’ve got aircraft available, we’ve got lots of fire fighters available, but we need the community to play their bit .. . in helping us by just taking those extra precautions.

“So if you’re welding or grinding out in the bush, even in a vacant block beside you, just be really really careful,” Superintendent Gillespie said.

While there’s a couple of showers forecast next week, we’re not likely to see any decent rain for months.

Superintendent Alan Gillespie says there’s just no moisture in the bush at the moment.

“The Bureau are telling us that we’re not going to see any significant rain until well into the new year.

“A few showers will temporarily assist in some ways, but I liken it to the fact that if you’ve got an empty swimming pool and you throw a couple of buckets in the bottom of it… Yeah, you’re swimming pool’s got water in it, but it’s nowhere near where it should be normally, and that’s what the bush is like at the moment.

“Our ground moisture is at the lowest on record, we’ve got relative humidities over the next few days of just 5 and 6 percent, that just sucks the moisture out of anything,” Superintendent Gillespie said.

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