Firefighters issue warning as severe conditions inflame SE Qld bushfire risk

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have warned the danger period for bushfire season is far from over, with residents urged to be vigilant.

“Hot, dry and windy conditions will once again inflame the bushfire risk from today and into the weekend, with the fire danger spiking to severe in south-east, south-west and central Queensland,”  Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan said.

Local fire bans have been declared for a number of parts of Queensland including much of the state’s south-east.


There is also a fire ban in place for the Moreton Bay and southern Moreton Bay Islands during the school holiday period.

Mr Ryan said that the bans will not affect Brisbane CBD’s River Fire fireworks however, which are planned for Saturday 30 September.

QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll said firefighters were well-prepared for the increased fire danger but urged those in high risk areas to take precautions.

“I cannot overstate the seriousness of these conditions but we have made preparations to ensure we remain on the front foot, including having aircraft on standby and strategically positioned to support our firefighters.

“We don’t want to alarm people, but we want them to take our warnings seriously.”

Ms Carroll said residents needed to do their bit, including obeying all local fire bans and restrictions and visiting the Rural Service website to prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan.

“We urge people to consult the Rural Fire Service website or their local fire warden or area office to identify bans and restrictions in their area,” she said.

“Until we receive significant widespread rain, we will continue to have challenging fire conditions even when this weather passes.”