Firefighters pause to remember fallen comrades

FALLEN firefighters are being remembered today at commemorative services across Queensland, to mark National Firefighter’s Remembrance Day.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Lee Johnson encouraged the wider Queensland community to take the opportunity today to reflect on the sacrifices made by firefighters who dedicated their lives to protecting the homes and lives of others.

“Firefighter’s Remembrance Day is a chance to acknowledge the bravery and devotion these firefighters have demonstrated while protecting their fellow Queenslanders,” Mr Johnson said.


Mr Johnson said firefighters had a unique job putting themselves in harm’s way to carry out their duties, often without recognition.

“Firefighters clock in, not knowing what each shift may hold for them and they must be prepared for any kind of situation,” he said.

“Despite their extensive training, resources and experience, firefighters undoubtedly come into situations that have the potential to cause serious injury or death.

“I encourage all Queenslanders to take the time today to show their appreciation for what firefighters do day in and day out, and understand the risks and sacrifices these extraordinary men and women make to keep our communities safe.”

Mr Johnson said those firefighters who lost their lives during operations would be in the thoughts of the firefighting community today.

“As a mark of respect, flags at fire stations across the state will fly at half mast today and firefighters will pause for a minute’s silence at 10am,” he said.

“National Firefighter’s Remembrance Day may not be a well-known date to many, but it is important to those within the firefighting community and it is important that we continue to honour the lives of our fallen comrades.

“Today’s services will ensure their lives were not lost in vein and their memory will serve as a reminder to all of the devastation fire can cause, even to those of us trained to prevent and suppress it.”

Mr Johnson said the day of remembrance was also an opportunity to remember retired firefighters who had passed in the previous year.