Firefighters warn: Don’t be a fool in April

GOLD COAST families have been urged to use April Fools’ Day for good, and improve their safety by changing their smoke alarm batteries.

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Jack Dempsey said it was vital to change smoke alarm batteries and test the alarm as part of the annual ‘don’t be a fool’ campaign.

“A working smoke alarm has a huge impact on the severity of a house fir,” he said.


“It only takes a few minutes to test an alarm and change the batteries, but it could save your life.”

Mr Dempsey said there had been more than 1,800 residential house fires across Queensland in the past year.

“They range from minor incidents like burnt food on a stove, to houses being destroyed,” he said.

“Get serious about fire safety and make sure you have at least one working smoke alarm in your home.

“If your smoke alarm is hardwired in, test to make sure the back-up batteries are working in case of an electrical outage.

“Don’t be a fool this April 1. Check your smoke alarm.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner, Lee Johnson said alarms provided early warning to residents in the event of a fire, giving them more time to evacuate and alert authorities.

“As well as testing your alarm and changing the batteries on April 1, take the opportunity to establish and test a home evacuation plan,” he said.

“An evacuation plan should include the easiest access from each room in a house to a safe meeting place in case of emergency.

“Get ready for disasters like a house fire by taking a few steps to prepare now. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you know what to do in case the worst happens.”

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