Firefighters warn of spark hazards during dry conditions

FIREFIGHTERS are reminding locals that one spark from power tools, farm machinery or a cigarette butt could be enough to start a massive bushfire during current dry conditions.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Acting South Eastern and South Western Regional Manager Tony Johnstone said with dry conditions continuing, a small fire had the potential to spread quickly.

“Many people don’t realise how extremely dry our current conditions are across south western and south east Queensland,” Mr Johnsone said.


“Despite Autumn being a typically good time to burn off, with the current conditions experienced, we’re asking residents to hold off on any burns they have planned and take extreme care when using power tools and machinery.

“In the past three weeks, our volunteers, brigades and stations have responded to fires across southern Queensland caused by brush cutters, lawnmowers, grinders, slashers and out-of-control backyard fires.”

Mr Johnsone said during excessive dry conditions, adequate equipment should be readily available to extinguish any fire which may start.

“People could be liable for any damage which a fire may cause,” he said.

“If you have to use machinery during these conditions, QFES also recommends having someone available, other than just the tool operator, to watch closely for ignitions which may occur.”

“While undertaking any activity that may spark a fire, members of the community need to ensure they have appropriate resources to put out a fire if one starts.”