Firefighters warn: Take the time to prepare for bushfire now

WHAT have you done to prepare your property for a potential bushfire?

Firefighters are urging Gold Coasters to make use of the school holidays and take time to manage fire risk and prepare their properties.

Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) South Eastern Regional Manager Tony Johnstone said it’s landholders responsibility to manage their fire risk.


“Survival during a bushfire is highly dependent on how well-prepared you are before the event,” Mr Johnstone said.

“Too often we see landholders relying solely on firefighters to put in fire breaks and burn fuel loads on their own properties, without taking the steps to reduce fire risk themselves.

“It is the property owner’s responsibility to manage the fuel load and reduce fire risk on their land.

“We’re urging landholders to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their property now, before fire strikes.”

Mr Johnstone said there were a number of steps landholders should to take, to reduce the risk of fire to their land, people and property.

“You must make and maintain fire breaks on your land, remove and dispose of any vegetation or flammable material that poses a fire risk and take steps to obtain and keep firefighting equipment,” he said.

“You are also required to take measures to ensure an adequate supply of water and a means of escape from your premises, in the event of a fire.”

With school holidays also now upon us, Mr Johnstone urged all parents to educate children about bushfire safety and involve them in family bushfire planning and preparations.

“It’s important all young people understand that small fires can spread very quickly and have the potential to threaten surrounding homes, structures and even lives,” Mr Johnstone said.

“Speak to your kids about how fires can start, what is safe and unsafe fire behaviour and where bushfire prone areas are, near you.”

Mr Johnstone said it was also important for parents to take the time and sit down to discuss the household’s Bushfire Survival Plan with the youngest members of your family.

“Remember, it’s your responsibility to prepare yourself, your home and all members of your family for the threat of bushfire,” he said.