Firies urge kids be edcuated on bushfire safety

PARENTS are being urged to educate their children on bushfire safety, ahead of what is tipped to be a particularly dangerous up coming season.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have reminded all Queenslanders to teach their kids about the danger of playing with fire and involve them in family bushfire planning and preparations.

Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) South Eastern Region Area Director Corey Bock said it was important that young people understood that small fires can spread quickly and have the potential to threaten surrounding homes and lives.


“Speak to your kids about how fires can start, what is safe and unsafe fire behaviour and where bushfire prone areas are, near you,” he said.

“Remember, it’s your responsibility to prepare yourself, your home and all members of your family for the threat of bushfire.

“Your Bushfire Survival Plan should detail how you’ll prepare and what action you will take if threatened by a bushfire. Even the youngest members of your family should be aware of what steps you will take as a household during a bushfire emergency.

Mr Bock said children, the elderly and those who are vulnerable should leave well before a bushfire threatens and not be part of any plans to stay with your property.

“It’s important parents speak with children about where they would stay and when they would need to leave, if bushfire strikes,” he said.

Download the Prepare.Act.Survive Information Guide here.
Download Bushfire Survival Plan information here.