First 100 COVID-19 vaccines to be administered on the Gold Coast next week

GOLD Coasters will begin receiving the first of the COVID-19 vaccines on Monday.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed on Wednesday the first 100 doses of the Pfizer jab would be dished out at the Gold Coast University Hospital next week, provided they are delivered on time by federal authorities.

Vaccines will then be administered at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane on Wednesday before moving to Cairns from next Friday.


“First and foremost, we need the Commonwealth to guarantee the supply. If the supply comes in over this weekend the plan is for the first 100 vaccines of Pfizer to be given on the Gold Coast on Monday,” Ms Paklaszczuk said.

Frontline quarantine and health workers will be the first to receive the vaccine before it is slowly dished out to other groups until the end of October.

“This is exciting news. It’s something that I know everyone in Australia is waiting for and Queenslanders are waiting for,” the Premier said.

“But, once again, it will start off very slowly.

“No-one needs to panic or turn up anywhere. We will be inviting people to come to specific centres when we get more supply.”

Residents of the state’s aged care homes would begin to be vaccinated from next week but that rollout will be controlled by the Federal Government.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young hoped every resident of the state would receive the vaccine by the end of October.

“Nobody will be missed,” she said.

The state government expects to administer 10,000 vaccines every week through the first phase of the rollout.

At this stage, she had advised pregnant women and those breastfeeding not to be vaccinated, as per federal guidelines.

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WhT do you mean no one will be missed I’m not getting that poison

No vaccine for me. Untested unproven and amounts to medical negligence. If you have an adverse reaction, the manufacturer, the government and the person who administers the vaccine are all IMMUNE to litigation and a victim cannot sue anyone for this negligence. That’s a crime against humanity.