First ABC News bulletin in sign language tonight 5pm QLD

Can’t hear what the newsreader is saying? Not a problem.

For the first time, ABC News has partnered with Vicdeaf to broadcast tonight’s 6pm national television news bulletin (5pm QLD time) in Auslan – Australian Sign Language, the national language of the Australian Deaf community.

The special broadcast coincides with National Week of Deaf People.


An Auslan interpreter will be visible to the audience through a picture-in-picture display. The bulletin will also be captioned for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and do not use Auslan. It will also be made available on iView for later viewing.

Vicdeaf Director of Language, Partnerships & Innovation Brent Phillips said: “This will allow thousands of Deaf Australians and their families to access and understand the news in our first language, and highlights the important role Auslan plays in connecting Deaf Australians to Australian society and vice versa.